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Products & Equipment Supplies

Products & Equipment Supplies

We offer a comprehensive collection of spare parts for our own and other branded products, both old and new.

Tank Equipment & Protection:

Breather Valve. Flame/Detonation Arrester, Emergency Vent & Manhole, Gauge Hatch / Sampling, Tank Blanketing (N2) Valve, Dehumidifier, Tank Gauging / Level Indicator, Al. Dome Roof, Internal Floating Roof, Floating Suction & Skimmer. Roof Seals & Drain System. 

Water / Waste Water Bolted Tank:

Glass Fused / Epoxy Lining Storage Tank, Al. / Stainless Steel Silo.

Truck Loading & Liquid Transfer System:

Top/Bottom, Swivel Joint & Couplings, Flow Indicator, Safety / Folding Stairs, Dry Disconnect / Breakaway Coupling, Ground & Overfill Verification.

Marine / Habour Equipment:

Marine Gangway, Emergency Relief Coupling (ERC), Dock Hose & Coupling.


Flow Meter / Measuring & Control, Blending & Injection.


Gate, Globe, Butterfly, Ball / Trunnion Mounted, Gunmetal, Plug Value, Fire Safe & Soft Seat.


Simplex / Duplex, Bucket. Y-Type, Tee-Type, Temporary Strainer, Bell Mount.


Hydant Pit Box, Hydrant Pit Valve, Flow Control Valve, Coupling.

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