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Carbis Loadtec Group Ltd, is a global provider of unique solutions for bulk fluid transfer and tanker fall prevention. We believe in providing the safest solutions for your operators.

Loadtec Engineered Systems was formed in 1996 to provide an expert and very focused offering for companies wishing to purchase point of transfer liquid handling equipment. In this role we proved Loadtec to be the primary, specialist source for liquid handling solutions.

On 1st September 2019, Loadtec Engineered Systems migrated its personnel and systems to a new company, Carbis Loadtec Group Limited. reflecting a new partnership between Sam Carbis Solutions Group and the Loadtec Family.

Sam Carbis Solutions Group is a fourth-generation family business based in South Carolina and employing over 250 personnel in the fabrication of specialized systems for fall prevention. Loadtec Engineered Systems Ltd exclusively represented Carbis for 22 years throughout the world and so they were already used to working together, cooperating and developing unique solutions for customers’ unique applications.

This partnership gives Carbis Loadtec an unrivalled portfolio of fall prevention systems and packages. The range of capability available to Carbis Loadtec customers means there is no tanker loading or access problem that cannot be resolved with proven equipment and systems. Over the years the company has significantly grown their Fall Prevention related business and has provided hundreds of systems into Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.


Our systems for tanker filling and emptying have been adopted by virtually all of the major blue-chip companies around the world and we are known for our timely delivery of quality products designed to future proof our client’s operations along with excellent customer service.

Our customers want suppliers who will give them the time to listen and understand their issues, develop schemes and proposals that meet their technical and financial constraints, and to deliver long lasting, innovative solutions. With extensive industry experience, Carbis Loadtec provide comprehensive packaged solutions across a wide range of industries. We draw on the experience and portfolio of our group and partners, to engineer large scale, infrastructure projects, ranging from surveying and refurbishment of existing sites through to complete, green-field developments.

Carbis Loadtec is an ISO 9001 registered company certified by SGS

Carbis Loadtec’s Products

Top Loading Arm
Floating Suction / Oil Skimmer
Fall Prevention Systems
Bottom Loading Arm

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