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Internal Floating Roof Systems Serving Oil and Gas producers around the world

Sandborn Roofs has been manufacturing and installing full-contact internal floating roof (IFR) systems since 1979, with hundreds of installations servicing oil and gas producers in North America and across the globe. Sandborn Roofs offers its clients the industry leading combination of specialized expertise in floating roof systems with highly experienced staff and field crews. Sandborn’s history of exceptional customer satisfaction is the very core of our business success. We will gladly provide a list of satisfied customer references and testimonials to back up our claim.

The Sandborn IFR is an American Petroleum Institute (API) compliant high-performance, full surface contact Internal Floating Roof (IFR) system that dramatically reduces harmful emissions from above ground storage tank systems holding volatile liquids.

The full-contact floating roof design of the Sanborn IFR reduces the exposed surface area of the liquid by over 97%, resulting in significantly lower tank emissions and greater efficiency than other pontoon-based IFR systems. With virtually no vapor cavities below the deck surface, there are minimal vapors to contain. The Sandborn IFR deck modules are also heat sealed and mechanically fastened together during construction, eliminating seams and creating a vapor tight surface area.

The Sandborn IFR not only provides a high efficiency floating roof system but also offers a feature no other floating roof system provides. One of the principal design features of the Sandborn IFR is the closed-cell polyurethane module core. The foam core is the primary method of creating floatation (ie: buoyancy) instead of using air-filled compartments like other IFR systems. The closed-cell foam core of the Sandborn IFR modules is impervious to liquids and vapor, resulting in a virtually unsinkable floating roof.

Each Sandborn IFR system can be installed through a standard 24” or even a 20” API manway, requiring no shell cut-outs or modifications. Sandborn Roofs stands behind the quality of each Sanborn IFR system with a full 2 years parts and labor warranty, as well as our industry exclusive 10 year anti-sinking warranty.

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